Case Studies

protection_sm Protection
Providing protective options without incurring unnecessary costs.
sust_pkging_sm Sustainable Packaging
Designing sustainable packaging that supports your environment and business goals.
custom_sm Custom
Custom molded packaging created for maximum handling and quality appearance.
int_shopping_sm International Shipping
Creating superior strength and moisture-resistant solutions to meet any shipping need.
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Fiber Types

imfa_logoThe Four Basic Types of Molded Fiber Products

  • Type-1 Thick-Wall
  • Type-2 Transfer
  • Type-3 Thermoformed (Thin-wall)
  • Type-4 Processed

Fibreform products are:

  • Type-1 Thick-Wall Molded Fiber Products

Manufactured using a single mold with product wall thickness from about 3/16 to 3/8 inches (5mm to 10mm). One surface is relatively smooth, with one side rougher texture.

Primarily used for support packaging of industrial packaging for non-fragile, heavier items such as automotive parts, furniture, motors, roll products, as well as, floral and nursery pots and containers. Type 1 products are oven dried.