We insist on a process with integrity that ensures a reliable outcome, and no surprises

  1. Getting Started. We begin with an evaluation of all requirements necessary in order to determine the feasibility of using a molded pulp item for the specific application.We are committed to a no “blue sky” proposal, or hyped build up for your potential project.
  2. A successful evaluation leads to a preliminary CAD design and formal quote, including a set up charge for actual samples of the custom item, is compiled and submitted to the customer.You will have all the costs upfront! No surprises or unexpected expenses for production tooling, maintenance or storage.
  3. Approval of the quote initiates all of the final design work and trial samples.No shortcuts! Thorough up front work ensures your samples will represent the same quality as the production parts.
  4. Upon final approval, full production levels can begin in a few weeks when the duplicate tools necessary to supply the customer needs are completed.

Fibreform’s unique tooling methods developed over decades, allows the molding tools to be easily modified in most cases.